Development of Ecocars and Its Advantages

Some are affected by creating a mixture of eco-electric vehicles inside, or supercars, get 64-128 + kilometers per liter, which is around 150-300 + miles per gallon. They get most of their strength from small electric / fuel motors that make their own strength and use a little battery or crazy wheels to provide additional energy expected to speed up and climb slopes.

Small gas motors make batteries still charged,

in this way reducing the number of batteries needed and extraordinary expanding reach. If necessary, the electric motor can also emit emanation in the metropolitan area. Canada Hydroquebec has built a half and half-vehicle framework that places small electric machines in each of the four vehicle wheels.In 1997 Toyota built electric vehicles / gas breed cross which was twice as environmentally friendly as a gas-fueled vehicle that was identical, while fundamentally reduced the flow of air contamination. This vehicle, called Prius, is available in Japan and gets 28 miles for each liter. 1N 1999, Honda began selling environmentally friendly motorized vehicles.

Limitation of significant steam strength, for example, combustible and hydrogen gas is that they need a truly substantial and massive fuel tank, which reduces the effectiveness and range. However, mixed vehicles can defeat this problem by taking 700 kilometers at 5.6-11 liters of gas.

Such supercars will be lighter and safer than ordinary vehicles given the fact that their bodies and various different parts will be made of lightweight composite material that assimilated substantially more energy accidents per severe unit in this vehicle.At present most of the racing bodies are made of carbon fiber plastic, which is the reason for race vehicle drivers can usually leave after reaching a stop point at 320 kilometers. Vehicle bodies and different parts are produced using composite materials do not rust and can be reused. They also should not be painted on the grounds that the ideal tone can be added to the mold that forms composite material.

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