Currently the media is loaded with reports of swine flu.

Clean the paper, turn on the TV or tone to the radio, the news is Equivalent Swine flu is a mix of hereditary material from pigs, winged animals and people and appear in various zones. We have never seen this and people do not have a Characteristic resistance to it. The control steps seem to have a little effect and it is time to emphasize some people.

This story fanned quickly and helped me remember email, I got a long time back. I will submit important things for you now, and I keep thinking about whether this will also be a fan quickly.

The day is finished.

You drive home and set it to the radio. You hear a little footage about a city in India where some city residents have kicked the bucket unexpectedly from influenza who have never been seen. It’s not a flu, but more than three people are dead. It’s interesting about the reason that they sent several specialists there to research.You don’t contemplate it, but on Sunday, go home from the chapel, you hear another radio report. This time in a small town, but 30,000 local residents on the rear slope of this specific zone in India have been influenced.

Specialists from where to fly infection on the grounds that this disease tension has never been seen.

On Monday morning, this is the main story, at this time this strange influenza has arrived in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. Everyone discussed the “secret influenza” of the US President said he and everyone pulled God for the people concerned and there was anxiety about how the virus this season would be contained.

The French President reported that he closed the nation’s lines and there were no trips from India, Pakistan, or other countries where this influenza strain was visible.On the news you watch a french woman sobbing, and a man at the Paris medical clinic bit dust from this influenza. Frenzy hit Europe. The victim had it for seven days before they even found out. They at that time had four days extraordinary indication before they died! England closed its lines, but passed the no point. Southampton, Liverpool, Northampton, all the victims’ reports, and on Tuesday morning, the President of the United States made the accompanying declaration: “Because of the dangers of public security, all trips to and from Europe and Asia have dropped,” no one abroad. Until there is a solution for this “thing”

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