We see California Wildfires today?

Where Fema, they should know there might be a fire in California later. Obviously FEMA does not have a valuable stone ball and the Bush administration does not place a request for a gem ball or establish a group of mystics, according to Jesse Jackson’s arrangement; Who might take advantage of their Supernatural strength and find the middle value of the results to accommodate points that declare a fierce fire.

Also President Bush is personally responsible for the Sun’s flare because the sun today does not move from the least sunlight,

Which has warmed up the environment. Indeed, even plate TECTONICS and mainland float out somewhat contrast and logical speculation cycles. This clearly will be clearly an error error George Walker Bush is told that he is by and responsibly this overall. If we ask for a public regret statement, someone must be accused, George Bush is the president so he must be accused of solar action and the rest of the universe too.

Volcanic movements in lately in Mexico and earthquakes in Peru cause seismic acts and this causes volcanic action that makes smoke in the air and this is a bush mistake too.

Hurricane season 2005 and hurricane in lately in Asia, it was true, the lack of bush. Many require special independent independent federal investigations led by honorable senators and noble Hillary Rodham Clinton in connection with why Bush allows this disaster event to occur and why he allows fire and volcanoes to air, which hurts natural life; Including but not limited to deer, deer, speckled owls, desert turtles, threatened mice and panda bears in China.

I saw the guard sticker yesterday who said

“Don’t accuse me, I decided to like Kerry!” How he is; We realize that JF Kerry has been chosen that he will stop the ineffectity of the last continent for the last time. John Kerry The Star Brilliant Star from the Democratic Party in the overall granger will reduce the sun for us and calm down so it won’t be so warm causing this California forest fires. In the case of John Kerry and Edwards chosen;

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